Well , here he is .... one of the rarest and mysterious drummachine  , the EKO Computerhythm .

Only 15 to 25 are made by EKO in Italy . Used on Oxygene and Equinoxe  from Jean Michel Jarre .

The heart of the EKO is not a computer  (like the name tells) , but a TTL generator based on  74154 (1to16 decoder) ,7493 (binary counter) and a clock generator. He has  12 instruments , rollingdrum + cymbal 1 , cymbal 2 + snare ,timbal 2 + charleston ,triangle + clave ,block 2 + timbal 1 ,block 1 + bassdrum . By pressing one ore more from the 16 x 6 pushbuttons  they begins to illuminate and the instrument is programmed ( like the 808 )  Two instrumnets have one slider for volume  and the instruments are switchable as a single sound or both sounds together .The pusbuttons on the right side are for canceling all traks together or for on trak  . With the punchcard reader  on the right side  you can programm with punch cards a precast rhythm . .....more soon